Searching for a Partner

Hey guys, I am looking for a developer as a partner to build an AI SaaS together.

Although I do not have any technical expertise, I have helped projects grow their communities from 0-10k members, raised more than $500k in funding for projects and also have marketing experience through social growth.

I have a developer employed under me at the moment and would very much like to find a partner to start working on a SaaS together.

We can hop on a call to discuss what we both can bring to the table.


Im not a developer but I am basically in a similar situation as you. Im open to having a discussion.

you can hit my tg @uto3000

Hi Brans, feel free to DM me (@itaymalinski on TG)! We are a venture studio helping entrepreneurs like you launching AI SaaS startups :slight_smile:

Hi i am interested , i need more info.

he doesnt need a studio lol

Aye bud, just lmk where should i contact you on.

quite true, need more of proper team

Hi i am interested too.i am a developer. tell me ( @tianxhang TG)

@brans, I can help out but it’s more on being flexible with time and working in off time. This does sound like a great area to build a GPT in and haven’t seen many in this area. I’d be interested in helping out with the planning process and mapping out the requirements decomposition for it with ya. Maybe start a project or collaboration area?