Stock Market Analysis & Trading With AI

Hello AI Community,

I am a retail trader in the stock market and while I’ve had some mild success, I am always looking for ways to improve and be more consistent in my trading. One area that I am particularly interested in is the use of AI in stock and options analysis, as well as potentially using AI for trading automation.

I wanted to start a conversation on this board to discuss:

  1. What AI tools are you using for stock and options analysis, as well as trading automation?

  2. What successes or failures have you encountered while using these tools?

I am genuinely curious to learn more about how AI is being used in the stock market for retail traders like myself. Let’s start a conversation and keep each other updated on the latest and greatest AI advancements in this field.

Thanks in advance for your input and insights!


Hi, I’m not actively trading stocks at the moment, just dollar cost averaging, so I’ll let other people jump in who have more experience. Best I can do is point you to Stocks - There's An AI For That

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That’s where I started my search and found TradeUI. I’m currently testing it out now. I’ll report back when I know more.

Thank you, Andrei.


I’ve tried the ones currently listed, and they’re not worthwhile – definitely not worth paying for. They’re not truly “AI” nor are they providing information that is unique or gives any type of edge. They use the same concept as “Unusual Whales” for showing options trading and they just spit out stocks with unusually high trading volume for their stock picks. All things that a person with a good trading platform can create/follow on their own.

If you’re an experienced trader, then these things are a waste of time. Real AI will come along, but there’s nothing publically available that I’ve seen to give an edge.


I am a forex day trader and have been using a couple of Algo trading bots that are performing well so far. I can’t entirely explain the level of automation involved but I know one is 100% automatic and the second is AI/robots monitored by experts.

They analyse trades and enter, take profit, sets SL and TP, adjusts as market moves etc.


I am very interested.
What is Algo trading bots and how do I get access to them?
What is the cost?

I am trying to access the Algo trading bots page but its not leading.
Is this the correct website:

if you have idea will try to creative bot or website for that. shoot me here or [email protected]

Hi, community members any one can help me to create Ai Stock platform which can help to small traders, beginners they easily understand the stock performance, govt policy impact, global issues effected the stocks and many mores Geo problems.

Hi Bane, you could check out my recently launched product:

It’s a generative AI for trading ideas. You’ll get an unique email address to forward financial newsletters to, and it also automatically ingests SEC filings.


@Bane have you ever used Arkham Intelligence for any of your portfolio thus far? If yes, can you comment on that?