Video music AI platform & 101 Prompts for growing business

Hi! Everyone,

I’m the builder of AI video music matching and licensing platform.

Video Music AI platform
A one-stop AI video music matching & licensing platform, helping creators, filmmaker and musicians. Accelerating 2000 times faster for filmmakers on finding video music, licensing, and audio editing. And share profits with musicians in 40K times more than other platforms did.

We have worked on the platform from zero to one for couple years and now expanding the market and user cases. Including video, images, text, audio and music analysis. Build the own AI algorithm to find the matching content between video and music.
So please check it out and feel free to AMA!

101 Prompts for growing business
I made 101 prompts in 2 days with @OpenAI
ChatGPT for my AI video music platform #business and they worked well. Sharing them to achieve success together! :raised_hands:

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Can’t login with my Google account

Hi! Can you check if you open the authorization for your popup windows on your web browser?
If you’re using computer, you can check it on the “key” icon next to the website link(where you put the url). Clicking the key, and check if you blocked the popup window or not.

If it’s not working, let me know which browser(safari/google chrome/Firefox/edge) you’re using, and what kind of device you’re using, ex. computer (windows/Mac) iPad, or cellphone(iPhone 14 /android/google). Thank you!!

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