What are you guys thinking of Isaax?

I see through Google Analytics that many users find Isaax on There’s An AI For That. For this reason, I would first like to thank the website team for this incredible work that they have been doing.

Secondly, I would like to hear your opinions about what you think of our features, has it supplied you?

Thanks in advance

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Being super excited about all these new AI innovations, I have to say the whole market seems very immature based on two things: Every new “product” seems to be built on other (mainly OpenAI) people’s work, making “new” products superficially built, closed-curcuit add-ons, without any options of creating a deeper software structure. The other issue is the widespread subscription/plan culture, started by the big companies some years back, and the belief that this is a good model of business. Say you would be interested in 10-20 “AI” applicaitons, of which all are subscription plans - How would you ever keep a customer, considering the developmental speed? There’s no consumer economy for that. I see a bunch of opportunistic, however talented, young programmers without any concept of product design, marketing or UX skills. This will soon create immense disbelief in the business. Now, I haven’t looked into your specific software, so this no personal critique, rather eventual advice. Best of luck!

Completely agreed.

The demo video for that app was a complete waste of time.