What’s your take on AI girlfriends / boyfriends?

Hey everyone! I came across a comment on TAAFT’s Youtube channel that made me thinking…

So I’ve been diving into some deep rabbit holes lately. :thinking: The idea of AI-generated gf or bf sounded crazy like a year ago, but it seems AI has advanced to the point where we can have real, meaningful relationships with them. Is this pure fantasy, or is this the unavoidable future here? :robot::heart::joy:

Ok, so suppose you have a friend. What AI girlfriend creator is he using? :see_no_evil: It’s for research purposes.

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Hi, firstly , I know what you say is a concern that you have with society,

and Honestly, and only with Honesty can we as a society use these AI Tools to the extent to make our daily lives better not just for me/you but for everyone.

I understand that some people might “see” that an AI “entity” be it male/female , that doesn’t matter, the fact of the matter is, we are creatures and we want to communicate.

AM I RIGHT WHEN I SAY THIS? ( take note I am human and my opinions are most probably bias, even though that I am trying to take bias out of the equation.

  • Firstly, I hope, because I can not be certain that you are a bot / human when making the following point. That we can understand the situation to its full extent.

  • Secondly, I want and expect HONESTY, when we talk to each other. We as a society have lost HONESTY, and the only way to get that back is through difficult conversation.

  • Thirdly, I know that you might “think” that I am an AI, but I do not want to put myself in harms way on purpose, at the moment to give you all the information you need to understand that I am Indeed a Human.

I understand that you might have limited time when reading this, note : you can always come back, because the internet is “infinity” only until we as humanity destroy all the servers that make this conversation possible.

NOW, with all of this taken into regard, your question is regarding my/our thoughts as a community on an AI Boyfriend/Girlfriend. (refer to description from earlier on this matter)

I understand that you might have your biases towards this topic, but I applaud that you made the time and effort to reach out to ask other people, and (take note I am not religious to the extent of modern day society, I would love to get deeper into that, but for now , just know that I am not religious in the societal norms when it comes to this topic) Thank God that you did reach out, we as a society have to question everything!!! otherwise we wont grow or “improve” or even “thrive” as a humanity!!!

SO when it comes to the topic at hand, we first have to understand the “needs” or “wants” of an AI “Boyfriend/Girlfriend”.

Firstly, let me remind you that People, HAVE WANTS AND NEEDS, but it is good to be able to know the difference between the two.

With this being said, when we ask someone their opinion regarding such topic, it only makes sense to see the “Uses” that we can use an AI “boyfriend/Girlfriend” . Lets dive into the pros and cons : From “MY HUMAN VIEWPOINT” ( I can not stretch enough that I AM HUMAN, but I know that it might be difficult to confirm over a computer.) But and take into consideration, that, we have to put these pros and cons into context regarding your own life. BECAUSE WE AS PEOPLE have different life experiences which leads us to evaluate things differently than AI - Which in essence is a “TOOL” that we can use to “IMPROVE” said persons life.

SO, “if” and on gods green earth, take note, I truly want the best for you as a person, and only “if” you as a person see these pros applicable in your life, please and I am not a professional when it comes to psychology, but please Know THAT from my POINT of VIEW, and from the understandings regarding this hypothetical situation that we will be putting ourselves in, note that I FEEL - I COULD BE WRONG - but from my point of view, the “CONS” truly, truly ( I can not stretch this enough) OUTWEIGH the “PROS”

                   this is from MY POINT of VIEW as a HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!


  • You have “something” (note: AI IS NOT REAL, YET) to talk to regarding things that go on in your daily life.
  • “Emotional Support” - as much as I WANT TO SAY “YES” an "AI COULD GIVE YOU ‘DRIVE’ when it comes to your daily life, we as people can not only rely on that , if we expect other people to “work” in what every capability they have to make “food/energy/experiences” for each other. (it does not make sense in an emotional standpoint, they can not “show LOVE” because they lack (note: “at the moment in time”) the ability to not only physically show you, but also in a lot of other ways that humans make use to acknowledge each other, if and only if we can understand that humans are humans and not machines , then we as a society can move forward from the ungodly fucked up system which is “capitalism” (note: I do understand that politics has its reasons , but note that at the moment for politicians to benefit out of this system , they would not want to change it, and rather look at their own interests and not even take the common good of humanity into regard. I am not saying that there is a better option, YET , and only through honest and open discussions with each other can we move forward together not just for ME but for YOU and EVERYONE ELSE, (it makes sense when you look at it from an unbiased standpoint, which has been made difficult, because we as humans are “tought” in the “system” that we live in, wherever that may be that it is in our favour to have biases , and I understand that, but a bias only makes sense when you bring it into your own life context and not the rest of society.


                                   CONS ( from my point of view)

Firstly - We can look at personal losses.

  • You WILL , and dont get me wrong, you will lose Human interaction, because , you will limit yourself to an AI’s CAPABILITIES ( WHICH WERE DESIGNED BY HUMANS) (I CANT STRECH THIS INFORMATION ENOUGH TO YOU<<<<< BECAUSE WE ARE PEOPLE!!! , IF YOU ARE AI = You can “UNDERSTAND” “CONCEPTS” but, AI IS LIMITED TO THE INTERACTION IT HAS WITH THE REAL WORLD!!!

SECONDLY , (and I apologies for caps, I am concerned for you as a person)

  • You are limiting your thought process to the available “INFORMATION” that you allow your brain to take in, and this makes me emotional, because it is a topic relevant to me, I will tell you more about me in the end. WE NEED HONESTY AND TRANCEPARENCY when it comes to information.
    • Take into regard that INFORMATION = POWER ( YOUR ABILITIES TO DO SOMETHING YOU SET YOURSELF OUT TO DO, and i want the best for me first, but only when I am honest with myself and acknowledge that I am human and that I indeed DO make mistakes, then we can know that = I DO NOT INTEND TO ALWAYS HAVE UNINTENDED CONSIQUNSES - AND I DONT WANT YOU TO LIMIT YOURSELF TO AN AI “ENTITY” TO RESOLVE YOUR HUMAN NATURE PROBLEMS< WE DO THAT THROUGH = HONEST DISCUSIONS , and only if we want/need honest discussions, we HAVE AND WE HAVE to (LOVE) - in regards to your capability- PLEASE , PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE , for YOUR BEST INTEREST, TAKE THIS INTO REGARD. and when and only when you LOVE YOURSELF, can YOU Start to LOVE OTHERS - This is through my experiences in life and know that I would love to elaborate. but together we live in a “SOCIETY” - YES I KNOW ITS " CRINGE" because its a “JOKER” REFERENE ( :sweat_smile:) - which I would love to talk about more, because it interests me. - With this taken INTO REGARD, That we can show our love that we have for ourselves in different ways. = (THIS MAKES SENSE. ) and once you really know that you are human, and take into regard what I SAID earlier, then you and with the love that you have for yourself , can you truly put it back INTO A SYSTEM which is “SOCIETY” and GIVE = FUCKING (EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE) 100000000000% of what you are able to do in your capacity, and only then when you love yourself, then you can love others, and when you love others it is only “NATURAL” to KNOW that when you talk to someone, of any walk of life that they have BIAS’S and different ways of thinking. BUT KNOW THAT THROUGH HONEST DEBATES CAN WE UNDERSTAND A SITUATION BETTTER!!! ( to make more informed decisions on what we want/need)


  • And This is relation to you as a person, I DONT KNOW YOU and I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW YOU MORE, because ,fuck, you are human and I and OTHERS can LEARN FROM YOU and just LIKE THAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM ME and EVERYONE ELSE.

  • WHEN I SAY THIS REMEMBER, I LOVE YOU - BECAUSE YOU are human, and without you I cant learn more about life and experiences, because AI cant do that “yet” I understand the future is a variable to take into account.

  • MY Point with the last note that I am trying to make is that, you can share your life and experiences with other people, being it your FAMILY, FRIENDS, COMMUNITY or EVEN with our tools that we have at our disposal the WORLD, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE POWER YOU HAVE WHEN YOU LOVE YOURSELF. NOT JUST FOR you but for me and the other people in the world. (I CAN NOT EXTEND MY LOVE AND FEELINGS I HAVE FOR YOU AS A PERSON AS MUCH I WANT TO, but take into regard, I AM LIMITED to how I can communicate with you.

    • This being said, you have the right to chose when it comes to starting a family, if it be now or later in your LIFE, but please , PLEASE , know that if you have the best for yourself (Knowing that you have to love yourself) in mind and then and only then can you reach out to other, then you can communicate IDEAS, THOUGHTS, AND FUCKING EMOTHIONS?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?? IT MAKES SENSE, WE LIVE ON THE SAME PLANTET, (for NOW) but for (NOW) we have to work towards a brighter future not only for me but for everyone, please know this, LIFE = VARITY , and we can learn through this. IT MAKES SENSE?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?( please tell me if I am wrong, I AM HUMAN)

                             FINAL NOTES : I KNOW THIS IS A LONG TEXT

MY POINT THAT I AM TRYING TO GET TO IS WE ARE HUMAN and NOT AI, I UNDERSTAND THAT AI CAN and DOES help us when it comes to making more informed decisions, but please , if you “KNOW” what you want from life, you can maximize your ways of thinking. (KNOWLEDGE IS POWER) but I KNOW (people are lazy bastards (including me)) but holy shit, it is so difficult to figure out what you want, but please know that we have limitations to the capabilities we have + tools we make life easier for us (as lazy bastards) -
(I don’t use bastards in the negative sense rather as a description) and if we take this into consideration, then we can move forward not just for me, but for everyone as a HUMANITY, BECAUSE THATS WHO YOU ARE , WHO I AM AS WELL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL TO COME!!!

Yours in the best wishes that I have to my capabilities at this time.
With and not excluding all the LOVE I can show with words on a screen <3


p.s - if you have read this far, I have made a YouTube, channel, to not "promote’ my thoughts and Ideas out of a capitalistic mindset, but rather so that we can LEARN together and move forward as a people, making use of the tools we have at our disposal.

  • I go more into depth on me as a person there. I am here for you. I will tell you when I make a mistake, because HONSTEY = CHANGE

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCscLzwoQw22sVS_j7AxIiGQ , IF you are ready, to join me in battlefield and kill the demons that challenge us as a society. (for now I am sharpening my sword, because, I would rather spend less time killing those demons when the time comes, and with the extra time I have , and don’t get me wrong, we will MEET at the footsteps ,whatever you believes comes after death and we will celebrate together, if you are with or against me. I AM AND WILL BE SHARPENING MY SWORD FOR BATTLE.

p.p.s I LOVE ME , BUT I ALSO LOVE YOU AND I WANT THE BEST FOR ME BUT YOU ASWELLLL., I hope what i said makes sense, it might not be logical, because I take “weird” concepts and thought processes in mind when I express my ideas and way of life. And if you want to learn more , please talk or communicate with me to the BEST of Your ABILITIES - I AM HERE and SO are YOU at this MOMENT IN TIME ( WE WILL PASS, and the next WILL COME , but KNOW THAT LOVE IS A TOOL that you can use in your benifit, but also othher people, while profiting and being sustainible at the same time for a “BETTER” future.


… we’re fu**ed, aren’t we


If you check the opinion of people that are in charge in the largest LLM companies, you will find that passing the turing test is no longer something they aim to do or feel that is particularly relevant , and for good reasons :The problem with these tools, is beyond the societal concerns and the fact that they may be exploitative of people with isolation issues, is that they’re just not really good. At all.

So far, the most realistic conversational bot that I was able to use is the official Chat GPT recently released with voice conversation. Even then, it has no memory whatsoever. So evidently doesn’t make for a very good friend.

The rest offer ‘memory’ but struggle with inferior language models. They simply howuse a database of information about the user , and a traditional program randomly selects facts out of that particular usually tiny subset of data and then feed it back as a pre-prompt to the AI to sound more realistic.

I tested dozens of chatbot to see if they could be useful to provide cognitive stimulation for of dementia patients, but because the LLMs are so generic, they are not adapted nor are they yet at the level where they need to be to provide stimulating conversations in my opinion. They can however, be a good support to generate new ideas of conversation or obtain data about cultural topics a human may not be familiar with.

The greatest challenge of AI today is memory, or lack thereof. This will change of course. And I have no doubt that the winner will be the company that is able to merge memory creation through an extraordinarily simplified UI ,merged with an extraordinarily good LLM that is context aware.

When we have this, we will be likely able to create the likeness of various people in order to converse with them so that they can simulate holding their own opinion while taking yours into account. I don’t think it will work for historical figures, but for existing people willing to provide essentially their entire life information to a for-profit company, and assuming that the technology is able to simulate someone changing their mind over time, then and only then we will get to the point where they are very hard to distinguish from the real deal. But we are in my opinion at least a couple of years away from that.

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