When will Adobe start it's own face swapping feature?

Some people like myself from time to time need to change a face on one of the photos I found in this library. For example, picture this situation: I need to make a photo of one of our coworkers. Right now it’s difficult because he cannot make a good photo or/and doesn’t have time or/and cannot be reached. So I would imagine since I have access to all the photos on Adobe I can find a good photo of a man and just change the face from one of the small and bad selfie I already have of this coworker.
I tried but couldn’t find any AI tool for that. Do you think Adobe is working on something like this?

There are a bunch of tools for doing this: https://theresanaiforthat.com/s/professional+avatars/ but generally they require that you upload more than one real picture of your colleague to train the model

Thanks for the suggestion. I looked all of them and was really hoping to do this without paying more than I already pay for Adobe photo stock.

Yeah it’s paid because it requires fine-tuning stable diffusion with dreambooth, which takes about half an hour on an A100.

If you want it “free” best way is to run it yourself locally: GitHub - XavierXiao/Dreambooth-Stable-Diffusion: Implementation of Dreambooth (https://arxiv.org/abs/2208.12242) with Stable Diffusion