Why not discord

I really like the idea of having a forom by our own but i wander why not discord, it’s in my knowledge muxh easier?

But would love to understand the reason behind;)


Also i can help if needed;)

This was my first thought as well. I think there are benefits not being under another platform’s guidelines and being at the mercy of their ever-changing policies. However, I am wondering if it may be reinventing the wheel. Either way, stoked to see this community come online. Please let me know how I can help grow the community.

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I see this becoming reasonably large and I’m not a huge fan of large Discords. They’re basically impossible to navigate and even keep track of conversations.

Also, the search sucks and the focus on real time conversation is unnecessary for us (BTW, there is a live chat feature here for people who are interested).

The big advantage in terms of informational organization here is given by categories, topics and tags.

Last but not least, I can integrate this information into the main website, so people can search across both and browse reviews for specific AI tools, etc.

@Bane best way to help right now is to invite people, we need to reach a critical mass so that it’s self-sustaining.


Please no Discord!!! If anything Telegram with their new update is much better than Discord


I think this is the perfect format for this kind of community. Discord and Telegram are too cluttered, time-sensitive, and “platformy” (aka they own your ass).


Hey :wave:
Can you tell me what the forum product is now you have not chosen discord? I like the interface?

Forum software is Discourse.org


discord sucks theres already plenty of useless discords
forums are for the OGs