Write this text (or this book) in the style of my favorite writer

Write this text (or this book) in the style of my favorite writer

Let’s suppose that I like the idea of a certain book, written by a certain author. However, I don’t like the way the book is written because it has bad writing that makes the readers waste their time. And I prefer a certain style of writing, such as the writing style of Stefan Zweig, or Victor Hugo, or the writing of Mika Waltari. Or, maybe I want writing that has something of the playful and appetizing sense of David Lodge’s prose description.

So, I would like ChatGPT to be able to reformulate (paraphrase) a certain text, a few pages, or even an entire book, but in such a way that the writing, the way of expression, is in the style of my favorite writer.

Of course, every writer has a different writing style. One writes short, another developed. Another writes simply, another complex. One writes in the 1st person singular, very poetically, developing the phrases a lot. Another writes briefly, in the 2nd person, with many maxims and reflections. Another is superbly written, full of clever metaphors and scenes that make you sigh with contentment, but also secretly tear up a little. Another writer has characters as real as possible, and often inserts scenes that simply break your heart. Another is just fantasizing, nothing seems true from what he writes. Another has writing full of unrealistic optimism, with appeals to morality and accusing fingers. Another has writing that today would raise laughter. Another has writing that visibly changes all the way through to expose liars. Another has writing that is characterized by being hesitant, with many pauses and interruptions. Another has a writing in which the letters are connected, denoting logic and care in making decisions. Another has a written script, which provides the words, the emotional script provides everything, but less the words.

However, ChatGPT must carefully study each piece of writing, take into account all the details, and be able to reproduce the style of each writer. For example, I give him the title of a book, or I give him the link of the book from the Internet Archive, in txt format, and ChatGPT will have to know how to identify the style of that writer.

You know, I love to read, too. And I’ve encountered this problem too. But when I read this or that book, I get used to the author’s writing skills. After all, he is a person who, perhaps, writing these lines feels this or that feeling. For us, it may be like ordinary lines and letters from a book. But the author may have put in some meaning.
But still, yes, since there is a theme of artificial intelligence capabilities, I would like it to be able to rewrite or reformulate books. Hatch sounds like something about impossible but interesting.
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