Top AI tools for everyday use & work

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I run an eCommerce store. And returns are a part and parcel of running any online brand. I am using this tool called EcoReturns as my returns app. It has an AI feature that flags risky/fraudulent orders and also gives me suggestions on how I can prevent a particular fraud. I think its algorithm studies the shopping pattern of a customer who is buying from my store.

Fave of mine too, and i use to help me with essays. I find they can help give me ideas and a “mean” outline quickly, saves a lot of time and my essays are “A” quality but if i do word- for -word i would likely get a “C” grade, but without this tool (and others like it) thats about what my esaays were graded at. After using this as much as I have, i have learned a lot, and can write essays on quizzes much better, my teachers have noticed within the past year too!

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There is countless!!

I use Playground for prompt inspiration as they have a huge community with lots of high quality generated images. I use MockoFun for making face swap funny images and memes. I use ChatGPT daily for writing my blog articles. And, because music is my biggest hobby I use SunoAI for generating songs.

I’m building which encapsulates multiple different tools for everyday use.

I’m adding new tools daily, based on user feedbacks. The app is totally free to use.

Nezha AI, an AI-powered writing tool, designed to help users write compelling brand voice, social media, blog writing, corporate promotion, advertising copy and others;
Provide professional content suggestions and generate keywords, outlines and key points; provide grammar checking, tone changes, content rewriting etc.; is an ai tool for students, offering efficient AI-powered essay writing assistance tailored to academic needs

The AI tool that I find most helpful in my daily life is It offers an advanced AI-powered writing assistant and content creation platform for generating high-quality text content efficiently.

For students and researchers who need to do research and read papers, OpenRead is a good AI tool for your research. Personally, it has expedited my master’s paper completion. Its “Paper Espresso” feature condenses papers for quicker comprehension, while “Paper Q&A” provides clarity on complex sections. And OpenRead offers insights through its “Trending” section and visually intuitive “Related Paper Graph,” enhancing exploration and understanding of the research landscape.

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